SWAN is a clothing brand with a passion for geometric art. Launched in 2019, we use our passion to design awesome clothing made from sustainable and high-quality materials.

Here at SWAN, we don’t really follow the whole season collections way of releasing our clothing. We are always working on new ideas and designs, so we try and release new products as regularly as we can so you don’t have to wait as long to get your hands on our latest creations.

As well as creating awesome clothing, we also want to make a positive impact on the world. This is why a lot of our products have a story behind them, and it is why a percentage of the revenue from all of our products goes to charity. You can find out which charities we donate to on our Charity page.

As a company, we really value transparency and trust. You should be able to know anything you want to know about SWAN. We are currently working on a Transparency page for the website, so for the meantime, we have added a brief section below with some of the information that will be on the new page.

If you would like to know more about SWAN or have any questions, then please head over to our Contact page and get in touch with us.



You will see throughout the website that we mention that a percentage of revenue from products goes towards charity. We have chosen to phrase it like this because the percentage may change from time to time. Currently, we donate 5% of all revenue to various charities, we aim to grow this to 10% by mid-2020. We don’t want the growth to stop there and will always be looking to increase the percentage that we donate.


Our goal at SWAN is to produce all of our products from organic materials using ethical and sustainable methods, currently, we are not achieving this goal. All of our t-shirts meet the goal, but our sweatshirts, unfortunately, do not. Because we are a new brand and are producing items in small quantities, it currently isn’t feasible to produce the sweatshirts the way we would like. This is because the end product would either require a retail price that is higher than we would like or quality that is below our standards. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t constantly looking to make this happen so that we can meet our goal and standards while still offering the clothing to you at a reasonable price.


All of the packaging, envelopes, and paper that we use are recyclable. Our envelopes and paper are made from recycled materials. We are currently working towards our mailing bags being manufactured using recycled materials.